Cultures of Giving Donor Challenge

Dollars Raised: $2,253,301
Unique Donors: 2928
Total Donations: 3421


What is the Cultures of Giving Donor Challenge?

The Cultures of Giving Donor Challenge is a 10-day, online giving campaign to support nonprofits addressing high-priority issues in communities of color across the country. We see it as a unique opportunity to celebrate our diverse traditions of giving, while leveraging the impact of collective philanthropy to support communities in need. Our goal is to get thousands of community donors to support the projects of over 20 well-respected nonprofits, raising millions in donations from April 17th through 26th.

The challenge is scheduled from April 17th through April 26th to coincide with National Volunteer Month.

Why is it scheduled during National Volunteer Month?

We seek to introduce new donors to great nonprofits while encouraging donors to stay active as leaders in their com­munities. Scheduled during National Volunteer Month, the campaign will thus test online giving as an innovative way to strengthen relationships with community donors both on- and off-line.

Who can participate in the Cultures of Giving Donor Challenge?

Participation in the Cultures of Giving Donor Challenge is by invitation and is limited to nonprofits that were lead grantees in one of three Cultures of Giving programs of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation: Expanding Boundaries (2005–2007); Innovation and Impact (2006–2010); and/or the National Leadership in Action Award (2005–2008).

How is the campaign structured?

Each participating nonprofit will see the first $20,000 in donations matched by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, dollar for dollar. After that, nonprofits are eligible for special prizes and awards for excelling at fundraising and donor engagement targets throughout the Cultures of Giving Donor Challenge.

What are the fees associated with participation?

Our online technology provider,, passes on credit card transaction fees to the nonprofit receiving online donations.

Each nonprofit will receive one check for all donations earned minus the 2.9% transaction fee from the online payment processing.

Are there limits on donations received through the Cultures of Giving Donor Challenge?

The minimum donation is $10.00. The Cultures of Giving Donor Challenge does not have a maximum giving amount. Donations are limited to online donations for this campaign. We are not able to accept cash, stock, or money order gifts.

Also, an organization is not able to contribute to its own fundraising effort. Donations will be designated for general program support.

Who controls the donor information?

Organizations will have access to donor information in real time and have the opportunity to download a list of donors through their administrative pages. Each organization will only have access to the contact information for donors who have given a donation to the respective organization.

What organizations are supporting the Cultures of Giving Donor Challenge?

The Cultures of Giving Donor Challenge is presented by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

Where can my organization get additional information?

If you have additional questions regarding the structure of the Cultures of Giving Donor Challenge, please contact Lisa McGill at LM Strategies Consulting, the consulting firm engaged to manage the campaign. She can be reached via e-mail at For media inquiries, contact Kathy Reincke at

How it Worked

From April 17-26, every donation made to one of the 22 participating nonprofits up to the first $20,000 per nonprofit was matched dollar-for-dollar, thanks to the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Your donation also made them eligible for special prizes and awards as you helped them meet their fundraising goals.

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